New into UE4 blueprint camera movement

Im new into UE4 just start and i’m trying to make a sidescroller shooter and i think will be good mechanic if my camera goes a little further then my character to give him more vision from enemies and game so i make my 1st script.

when i pressed “A” my script move the camera (-500 Y) from his original position and give to a bolean variable a value for me to know if is already in the position because i do not want to move camera more than 1 time . is a litle hard to explain but work fine.

see the picture

now the problem, my camera go in the same instant to the position and in game is like a cut and i want a smoother transition from the original state to the (-500 Y) position how i can do that ?
i have no idea
some help will be apreciated better if use my script who already works.

if you want to see camera working in game here a exemple