New Instigator Input Node dont know what to plug into it

I was following the tutorial from, Listview - getting started in BP - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums


In the tutorial you see this image
I have followed it but when constructing a object to hold the data it has a instigator node and I dont know what to plug into it

I haven’t read the tutorial, but:

1 - When using ‘Construct <Item>’ (in your case Itemobject), you will see some basic pins + any exposes pins. The base ones are the ‘Class’ and ‘Outer’.
2 - ‘Text’ and ‘Instigator’ are coming from your class. ‘Instigator’ is specifically coming from an actor (base clasas)

Instigator specifically, is: “Pawn responsible for damage and other gameplay events caused by this actor.”.
Many times you won’t actually need it (unless you use it on your own), although it’s good behavior to provide it anyway - if it’s relevant.

3 - You should probably consider deriving your class from UObject rather than AActor.

I derived from an object blueprint and it fixed it :slight_smile: