new installation

hi, i have ue4 already on one computer and i wanted to install it on my laptop. unfortunately, i haven’t been able to run the epic games launcher and i keep getting the attached error. i googled the issue and came across some solutions such as using DWalker to generate a log of errors. i am attaching the log here as i dont get what is wrong with the application. i would very much appreciate if anyone could help me.

Make sure that your laptop meets the minimum requirements to run UE4, most do not.

What is your laptop model?

windows 10pro
intel(R) coreTM(i5)-3337U CPU @ 1.8GHz (this must be 2.5 minimum i guess)

If you don’t have a dedicated graphics card (if it’s running off the Intel integrated GPU) then it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for UE4.