New Indie title looking for Open World Heightmap ( World Comp ) 16km x 16km

Hello fellow Epic nuts!
My name is and after a good few years developing game modes using the Arma3 coding language, i have taken the leap into unreal to convert one of my Arma3 game modes into it’s own stand alone version.

I am looking for a member who is willing to spare a little time on World Machine or similar to create and export the relevant files for an Unreal World Comp import.
I can handle all textures etc i just do not posses a key and only have the basic version of the software, so any help would be greatly appreciated…

If you are able and willing to help, below is a few requirements:

  1. Terrain to be an island so that i can surround by ocean
  2. Small islands are welcome but not essential
  3. Rivers, valleys, Mountains & Beachs
  • Wildlife will be roaming
  • NPC’s will patrol (both vehicles and characters)

I am still yet to understand the resolution/sizing in Unreal landscapes but am slowly getting there. So i will leave the technical side to whoever is willing to help.
If used, recognition will be displayed on the new game website with links to accounts etc and the ingame credits.

I know this is my first post and i’m “Begging” for some help, please don’t judge me on that.
I look forward to any and all responses.

Kind regards

Hi, i’m basically a FreeLancer in-between jobs (there are positions available in the coming year or two that i will apply for, no guarantees, tho, fingers crossed.)

I know Heightmaps in 3ds Max, that can be much more suitable for Terrain (instead of UE Landscapes in UE4 which are small and must be “stitched” together,) and especially Island Creation… I am also familiar with the ArmA series, and i get the Archipelligo structure, and can use the USGS website (i’ve used it for Tiger Woods 2008 CountryClub Golf Course Creation in the past) or other Heightmaps with massive amounts of triangle polys to create a displaced Mountainous region with peaks/valleys, and paint: roads/ pathing/ streams/ lakes/ rivers, and make it purposed for a peninsula as well.

I have work done in UDK and Dunia as reference, that is not under NDA… But i have vast knowledge of Multi-Million and even Billion Triangle 3ds Max Models using planar primitives with and without NURMS, with Vertex Weights for NURMS, and have skinned bones onto characters according to’s “Mastering 3ds Max: The Fundamentals” and more advanced tutorials in the past, and animated basic human skeletons…animals aren’t very different and i modelled a “Rayman Raving Rabbid” (bunny with texture skin and “skinned”(vertex attached) bones on a vertex weighted bone-structure-skeleton) and animated a pose for a Clay Render.

I have a Discord Server up you can join, to discuss further a collaboration and more info about me and you: Note… Plz do not Spam or Troll, poach or leech, thanks

To be honest, and fair to the Epic community, this ‘person’ joined my Discord, layman’s termed complex functions for about 20 minutes to come to the conclusion that 4km Landscapes x 4 of them are what works, and that Occlusion Volumes exist, [he or she didn’t know] and those Cull the Landscape out of LoS, as soon as i advised that, they went offline and left the server.

With respect, i left the server due to your self confessed “uneasyness” regarding helping.
I have gone ahead and purchased a Pro license for World Machine.
So i am sure with some in-depth research i will be able to create my requirements without 3rd party help.
I did appreciate your knowledgeable advise even though i did put my requiremnts accross in “Layman” terms.
I am not a landscape wizard by any stretch of the imagination.
I’m sure if you needed complex Arma3 coding (not that it would happen and is only used as an example) you’re self confessed lack of knowledge in that area would certainly cause you to submit your idea to me in “Layman” terms.
So staying within a Discord server where i felt like i was being dumbed down was something i did not want.
I appreciate your help regardless and wish you happiness and prosperity in the future.

Kind regards