New Indie Team Needs 3D Modeling/Rigging/Animation Talent

Project Title**:**
Blood Factions (Subject to change)

I have a Game Design Doc and a Mind Map that are both in progress that I can provide for more info upon request.
The Short of it, Faction Based, Territory Control FPS (Maybe option to switch to TPS) Game with faction and character progression as well as a potential “Season” (Think in the Vein of like Diablo 2/3 but with rewards for top Factions at end of each season. (This would not be a “season pass” kind of deal).

This is not another BR game, but it will take place in a near future/post-apocalyptic world (heavily urban/city areas).


  • 64 Players Per Server
  • Mechanics to force PVP interaction along side of a potential PVE Element.
  • FPS/TPS (At this time I am leaning maybe towards a “Division” style movement system.

Team Name**:**
Red Peak Studios (Not officially registered yet, plan is to register is when it makes more sense monetarily to do so) The team currently consist of just me as I do have a full time job in IT for my County. The idea of this game I have been slowly working out the ideas of it and over the past 3 years I have been self teaching myself Unreal Engine.

Team Structure**:**
Chris Judd (Project Creator)
Project Management, Audio Engineer, Level Designer, Blueprints and Blender Novice.

Previous Work**:**
No official work but I have assisted on small passion projects here and there.

Talent Required**:**
3D Character Artist
-Ideally able to not only model characters but also add clothing with proper rigs and animations or at the least on the animation front be able to rig characters to match UE Skeleton.

Currently I have 2 Characters with decent rigs. Really need someone who can do clothing and properly weight paint the clothing.

3D General Artists
-I currently have access to plenty of marketplace assets and some from other places but the goal would be bring a modeler on the team to create our own assets. Main ones being City Buildings (Interior/Exterior) (Procedural a bonus but not necessary).


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: Link on Website to Join (Look for Judd (me)

Hi chrisjudd!
Kindly check Email sent. :slight_smile:


Still looking for people.

I am interested.

Really could use someone for creating clothing (Ideally with Marvelous).