New Indie early access may 9th A New Reckoning

Hey guys just wanted to you all to know we are launching a New Reckoning May 9th on Steam. Early access will be 14.95 the first week and 19.95 after until the game is released April 15th 2015. There are some UE4 assets still in game but they are just temp holders for the most part. But we would love your feedback and comments, on what you like and what we could possibly work on. Also we are taken a different approach on the humanoid zombies. Those will be taken out of game they are more of a temp holder right now. We have 15 other new characters being developed right now and each one will have its own unique a.i system. But thought we would post here to get some more buzz going around. The Zhern attached photo is just a start on really whats to come!

Appreciate your feedback guys!