New Here

Hey guys im new to the unreal engine but i have quite some experience with other engines just to make that clear ^^

ok so my question : i followed some tutorials to make a little test mape i made dino spawns, foliage, clutter, water, daycicle.

Now the problem in the editors gamemode everything works and looks like it should except day and night circle coz i think i messed that up anyway
if i upload it to steam and go into the game via singleplayer dino spawns dont work no textures on the ground and my girlfrend couldnt join my game.

So i guess i missed something important i switched the blueprints for the spawns i createt to my mod folder where the map is but still not working so maybe someone can tell me what i have missed or maybe link me to an tutorial that shows me how to create all these things without copying stuff from the original game except the cores

Sounds like you followed brick whut’s tutorial on youtube: ARK Development Kit Lessons - YouTube

Personally, I just copied Game/Maps/TheIslandSubMaps/TheIsland and deleted what I didnt want and moved to the side what I couldn’t delete. I never had to deal with any broken map features. It did take me about 4 hours, but once your done you have a nice working template you can use to make your maps :slight_smile:

the island submaps only generates water and such stuff for me is that normal ? can i use the smal island? since it loads perfect for me