New here and need help.

I have been watching videos on unreal engine and it looks amazing, but ! Im running and Imac with 10.14 os and can’t upgrade right now to run the latest Unreal engine. Is there a version available that will run on that operating system and where can I find it if it exists?

Thanks in advance

Startup the Epic Games launcher app on your Mac.
Click on Unreal Engine on the left and then Library on top.
Next to Engine Version click the + button
A new engine should appear with a pulldown menu of all versions going back years.

4.25 or 4.26 should probably run on it since I was able to do it a year ago.
Just note that the Mac is not the best machine to run Unreal on since it lacks supported GPU so it will be sluggish. If you’re going to do a lot of work in Unreal it may be worth it to you to get a PC with a decent graphics card.