New here :3

Hey there everyone,

I found this forum quite nice and I wanna know what types of games you’re playing?
I’m interested in many video games and skill games as well :smiley:

Feel free to answer this thread :rolleyes:

Welcome! You will likely find these forums to be the most supportive in terms of game development. I love it. People are friendly too. You came to the right place!
I personally like 3rd person action adventure games, as well as platform games.

Welcome! :slight_smile:
I’m mostly playing third person survival games like Day Z…I love them :cool:

Hey, I’m new here too.

I loved 3rd person MMO adventure and exploration game

You’re all so friendly!!
I have been my whole life a fan of FPS games and I am still playing those haha
How about skill games? I tried a few and they were quite cool. Any recommendations?

If I have some time to play I get into FPS like Lawbreakers (surprisingly fun) and older titles like Bloodborne.

Love playing older MS-DOS games such as DOOM, System shock and many others.

Also enjoy playing most 80’s arcade games! :smiley: (Plus anything on a Apple 2 or C64 or ZXspeccy)

Im also new, i play mostly FPS games… but i dislike those new games like B1 or new CoD… they are all the same.