new help please. camera switching

I made a main menu with the matinee and a camera for an active background on a main menu widget interface. And when I click on my start button its not going back to my third person characters camera, its stuck on the camera actor for the matinee view. Does anyone have any ideas that may switch it back to the players camera after I click the start button, so I can start playing the game with the character again?

Get the player controller and search for set view target or you may have to possess the player

I have the player possessed it’s moving around its just the camera is stuck where the menu view is, but I’ll try to change viewpoint.

Ya no luck with the view target change

Trying to use box trigger but it flickers back to where I need it and then goes back to the menu view.

Still no luck

No luck just breaking the connection and coming back to it later

Not sure if this is exactly what you need, but i use this code to change the controlled pawn (to a mount).

The mount has it’s own camera

The mount bp

The camera is static in my example, and the mount flies on a spline route.

Not really but thanks for replying and trying to help.