New Hair Bind Groom to Skeletal Mesh Frizz

I am testing out the new hair system. Bringing in an Ornatrix Sculpt using the Ornatrix Alembic Format. Everything seems to work pretty good except when I Bind the Groom to the Skeletal Mesh. When I check that box the hair all of a sudden looks overly Frizzy. Right now I don’t know if I am maybe missing something / a step. See Pictures of Bind Groom to Skeletal Mesh on and off.


Michaell Bakalars

is temporal AA on?
then again, it really looks more like the pixels of the render are getting offset so maybe that’s got nothing to do with it either.

I tried switching between the various AA options. Seemed to make no difference. I think the curves or guides are being affected by the bind. It’s more apparent on short curves than the longer curves.

Maybe, but that detail seems more like a render artifact then anything else.
its quite curious.

In that spirit. What kind of performance is this new method getting / how many drawcalls are the hair generating?

I really wish they’d give us proper content examples…

I have another strange issue and don’t understand - How to fix it?

You can find the answer here](New hair rendering system - Binding to skeletal mesh causes precision issues - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums)