New guy in the community.

Hi everyone.

Long story short, I suddenly had a spark of idea for a story the other day, and I want to make a game out of that. I understand that developing a game is very hard, and I have no prior computer science skills and knowledge. I also understand that there’ll be lots of trials and errors ahead of me before I can even start thinking about making any playable games. I already had a look at other game engine such as cocos2d, unity, source 2, but I decided to stick with Unreal instead.

I have started learning the basic in the learn section in the website. But I’m wondering if there’re any other skills I need, and how do I learn effectively? I also want to makes isometric 2d games with such as pokemon, chrono trigger, and the like, not actually an RPG but more of a story telling game.

Any tips well be appreciated :slight_smile:

You’ll need a **** ton of knowledge especially if your gonna do it alone.

Well, let’s see …

As a consequence of working on our game, I have had to gain a basic competence in C++, Java, C#, MySQL, and blueprints. I’ve had to expand my skills with Blender and learn to use Substance and a number of other graphics programs. I’ve watched dozens of Youtube tutorials. I’ve spent literal days digging through the blueprints of purchased assets in order to make necessary modifications. Every new task requires hours of online research. We’ve been at this for nearly a year and my best estimate is that a limited playable demo is still at least a year away.

Making a game solo is not impossible, but it will take dedication.

If you want to make a 3D Game you need to learn how to make 3D models, textures for your model, and also how to animate your models.
You also need to learn how to program, and I suggest you to start learning Blueprints if you don’t have any background knowledge in programming (learn them even if you have some knowledge because they can save you some time).

If you want to make a 2D game I can’t help you much, I never worked on a 2D game.
The best thing you can do is to watch a lot of tutorial and try things out as you learn.

Good luck :slight_smile:

check out …they have some really good free assets for starters … and yes, u’ll need a ton of knowledge. I’ve recently completed my computer science graduation and working on my first game … and I had to do all the way out of my league things like learning photoshop for drawing characters, learning maya for modelling and rigging characters, learning UI and misc programming of unreal. There are many tutorials out there teaching AI and gameplay stuff… but UI and interface things are not that easy to find. But stick to it, u’ll feel freaking gr8 when u make something by urself ! :smiley:

It’s a long road, but worth it. Too much to learn to list as it would seem daunting. Good luck, your in the right place.

Hello, welcome!

Don’t mind people like me around here, sometimes others and I make comments that may sound harsh, but we don’t wish any bad to anyone :slight_smile:
Game development is very hard and almost never is worth doing it, do it if you love to do it; do not expect any successful bright future in exchange for dedicating yourself for it.
Be very patient and learn to learn, there will be always something new to learn. I’ve been studying game development on and off for more than 15 years, since I was a kid, and there is an universe of things I still don’t understand about it. Just enjoy your time and make sure this is really what you love before investing your entire life diving in the subject of game creation :wink:

This in its entirety x 1 million.