NEW GUY HERE! Someone please point me in the right direction?

I’m a complete noob here and am willing to learn. Have talked to a few peeps and they said I should start with UE4. I’ve just purchased it and what I want to do is make a small deserted town for starters. Can someone please lead me to the right tutorials or advice on where to start first?? Thanks everyone! :smiley:

A great place to start would be.

Welcome! :slight_smile:

-learn how to create meshes -> you can find several tutorials on youtube (when you tell me which program you use, I can post you a good video)
-take a look at the official tutorials from epic games (link above)
-when you have problems you can search for a solution in the documentation ( or post your question into the forum
-take a look at the existing levels from epic games -> so that you get a feeling how everything was made/placed
-take a look at this site:

For a desert town you will have to know how to create meshes, textures, particles, the level (lightning, terrain, placement,…) and when you want to add gameplay you also need blueprint experience.

Meshes: depends on your 3d program -> blender, 3ds max, maya

Thanks Zeeker! Will do that!

Thanks fighter5347! That helps a lot!

Are you guys familiar with VGHS (Video Game High School) by Rocekt Jump/Freddie Wong?.. well myself and a few of the fans in the community have got together to create the game Field of Fire as seen in the series. It’s FPS of course. Is there anyone here keen on helping us create FoF? Our stage 1 plan is to make one map: deserted town as a MP and run that in BETA. I’d love to get in on terrain creation

-learn how to create meshes -> you can find several tutorials on youtube (when you tell me which program you use, I can post you a good video)

Hmm, I guess I need to learn a 3D program. Will Cinema 4D be viable? Is Blender easy to learn?

Hey fighter!

Sorry for the long reply… I had been watching a whole bunch of tutorials and have started working on level creation using “worldofleveldesigns” helpful tips! This is a lot of fun. I had 2 devs who were keen to help but have not heard from them since. Spose if i’m gonna get anyone to help me out first, they’d need to see something tangible, am I right?

I wouldnt use C4D because just few people use it -> so you wont get a fast support here in the forum when you have problems. In my opinion blender is really easy to learn + it’s free :slight_smile:

Ahhhh… I see!

Had a look at your Caede project! Looks like i’m in a whole new world! Well, better get started on Blender! :slight_smile: btw, you have a new sub on YT! :smiley:

Thx :slight_smile: It’s a new and pretty exciting world :wink:

Tried to look at one of the free games and my lappy can’t run it. “Out of video memory…” error message pops up. Looked up the specs, and unfortunatley only has 2 cores, not quad.

The message is about your GPU -> make sure to use the right GUP (e.g my laptop has 2 GPU’s and I always have to choose the right one) -> but a dualcore CPU is a little bit weak for the UE4 :slight_smile:

I went through the UE video tutorials on my beginning as well. Great intro.

Darn… well, I ordered me a custom PC grunty enough to handle anything chucked at it! hehe! Got me an early Christmas present. Here’s the specs:

PB 6305W Gaming Intel Haswell Core i7 4790 with Premium Cooling
8G DDR3 1866Mhz Gaming RAM (upgrading to 16G)
256G SSD with 1TB HDD
Nvidia GTX 970 4GB Gaming Card
Windows 8.1 64bit
Wireless Ready

I was soooo ready to start some environment builds too. To make sandy/gravel terrain, are there materials in the marketplace that have these materials or do I need to create them. I saw the desert pack and thought if I got that, I could just pick and choose? Not entirely sure how the process works but that was my initial theory.

Do you have any work I can take a squizz at?

OHHHH! I just saw this vid. I think this would be perfect for what I want to achieve!

Is it really that easy to make environments? **I’M IMPRESSED! ** Also, for later on of course, how does one go about making deserted village huts? I wanna make some of the buildings look abandoned and destroyed like in Uncharted 3:



  1. yes and no ^^ -> it’s something that you have to practice till your environments will look really good. After that you can create high quality environments in a really short time
  2. You have to create them in a 3d program

Whatever way your foot(mouse) is pointed is the direction you should go.

Darn, I was hoping you could just make them from a source. hehe! Oh well! Once my computer comes, hopefully before Christmas, i’ll be sure to do some work! Thanks @fighter!

I’m gonna take this as a good thing?? hehe! :slight_smile: