New graphics library coming with iOS 8, supported by Epic

Apple just announced a new graphics library that’s coming with iOS 8, called Metal. It’s supposed to be closer to the hardware (probably similar to AMD’s Mantle). UE already seems to have at least some support for this technology as they demoed a simple UE game with it.

I wonder what this means for Epic and UE4. I hope someone could elaborate on that. Maybe talk about it a little bit in one of the future streams? Are there any features that are suddenly becoming much more reasonable to implement on mobile?

More info about Metal:

Heya Bajee,

Here’s a post with some more info: UE4 “Zen Garden” using Metal API for iOS 8 revealed at WWDC - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums . The short answer is that we’ll release support for it as soon as we can legally do so (Apple beta-software NDA).

Michael Noland