New GPU [GTX 960 2gb vs 4gb]


I’m looking for a new budget gpu for content creation within UE4. I’m currently running a GTX 470 reference which served me well so far, but It’s time for an upgrade.

My options are:

a used GTX 590 for 100 euros
a used GTX 770 for 180 euros and new
GTX 960 2GB or 4GB (~220/250 euros)

I’m favouring the 960 since it uses the latest technology and it’s brand new (within my budget range) but I don’t know which version.
Do you think the 4GB version will offer me more in UE4 (generally in 3D content creation) than the 2GB one?

NOTE: I don’t like at all AMD cards, plus I can’t go any further than 250 euros at this time.

PS: sorry mod for putting this in the wrong place

The GTX 590 would be a waste, it’s a dual GPU card and UE4 could only use one GPU.

It seems like the GTX 770 might be slightly better performance, so for less cost that might be a better choice.

I upgraded to a R280X earlier this year and I didn’t regret it. I think it’s about equivalent to a 960.

I’m sure others will be able to give more detailed suggestions. Also, check out this thread.

And by the way, I just wanted to point out that the recently published minimum specs for the Oculus Rift is a 970, if you’re interested in that kind of stuff at all.

From that list, I’d say go for the GTX 770, since it has similar performance to the GTX 960 but has a lower price. Just keep in mind that it has higher power consumption and heat output. The 590 would be a bad choice for UE4, since its single GPU performance is not so good compared to the other cards.

(You said you don’t want AMD, but the R9 380 has better performance for similar price.)

I see. Thank you very much for the replies. I say i’d go with the GTX 770 over GTX 960 any day for the 2GB option but I don’t know if the 4GB version of a more-or-less similar gpu would make a difference now, and in the future.

I would say go with the GTX 960 as that is a Maxwell card, so you get benefits like VXGI, etc, plus Maxwell has a lot of other benefits/ optimisations/ etc. over the GTX 770 (Kepler).

I personally recommend the 4GB VRAM version. I can’t give specific reasons except for one. In the Epic Games Infiltrator Demo on UE4, setting r.Streaming.PoolSize to 1800 or more gives the required performance.

In other words, if I am not mistaken, in the Infiltrator Demo the statistics show that 1.8GB of VRAM is around the minimum to stream textures effectively. If your r.Streaming.PoolSize is 1500 or 1000 then people report the “endless streaming textures error” eg. Kite Demo(?)

Finally the 770 appears to use 200W+ while the 960 uses 100W+.

So an Nvidia with Maxwell, GameWorks (like VXGI), I think the Nvidia 960 4GB is worthwhile.

All the best.

Yes, I think I’m closing down on the 960 4GB.

The benefits of 4GB over 2GB aren’t so much of a deal for 1080p, plus the card isn’t meant for higher resolutions anyway (for gaming), but I can’t really buy a 2GB card in 2015 (to 16).

So, saving some more for the 4GB version.

Again, thank you guys for your time.

Edit: the wattage isn’t much of a problem for me, with my 850w psu, but it’s a plus when you’re using your pc for 12-15 hours per day.

For gaming I agree that at 1080p 4GB isn’t that significant, but as mentioned above, on my 2GB (660M) card the Infiltrator Demo chews up almost ALL the VRAM. If another project eg. Kite demo (which I won’t be able to try) chews up 2.5 to 3GB of VRAM to ensure fast and smooth texture streaming and prevent texture “pop-in”, then a 2GB card even at 1080p will cause issues in UE4.

I’m still very much learning UE4 but on large levels eg. Infiltrator Demo turning texture streaming to “off” still causes issues. Whereas allocating almost 2GB VRAM to the texture streaming set to “on” ensures during editing, playback and Matinee recording the textures are always “there” in the sense that (AFAIK) the textures load quickly into the VRAM and are then accessed rapidly accordingly etc. So I reckon 4GB VRAM is minimum for UE4. Of course, experts, do chime in if needed.

As for wattage I hear electricity is expensive in Europe (but not Eastern Europe apparently)… :slight_smile:

All the best.