New Github Project: WebXR CineCamera Controller

My son and I created a simple demo web app which uses WebXR on Chrome for Android plus the Unreal Engine Web Control API to control a CineCamera object using an Android phone - somewhat like the iOS only Unreal’s Remote 2 app. It’s a relatively simple demo, just wiring up example scripts to get something working, but it has the potential to be pretty useful for Virtual Production if anyone wants to help out. There’s also an example app which uses websockets running on the desktop to send LiveLink commands using the JSONLiveLink demo plugin.

Here’s a link to the project:

And a quick video demo:


Hi, Out of interest do you know if Urmote works with unreal 4024? I cant seem to get it to connect to my pc from my iphone.
I dont have an android unfortunately. Its frustrating cause it seems all I need to do is put the phone IP address into the app and hit connect, as well as turn on plug in in unreal.
Any ideas?

Looking great so far!
I wonder if you are still working on this project as it could be a vital alternative for people who do not own latest ipad.

@macakira07 The Unreal Remote app works for me on my iPhone 8. It’s a bit laggy, but definitely works. Maybe check your router?

@A.Borzykh Well, I’m still playing with it, though I don’t have plans to expand it much as it was just a proof of concept. It’s just a demo, really. What did you have in mind?

@Rasurus Ok, got yor point. I was just curious if you was aimed to go further in development, making it a real alternative to the official app, which, in fact, requires a hell of expensive iPAD pro.