New Generation of Sci-Fi Modular Packs in UE5

Hello everyone, after the realization of my modular pack for the market place I started to create a trailer, but I couldn’t stop and it turned into a rather atypical product presentation for the market place so I couldn’t resist to present it here. UE5’s tools are really amazing, I had a lot of fun! I hope you’ll like the trailer!


It looks awesome! My kind of env :smiley:

Really like the camera works sinchronised with the music :slight_smile:

But still, the pack is really a small one in term of number of meshes included.


Hello, thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the trailer. Thanks for your opinion, I just looked at the MarketPlace and it’s true that there are packs with more meshes as well as others that have less. With one difference, my Sci-Fi pack is mainly for film makers, it is a high poly pack, each bolt is 3000 triangles for example, you can zoom in at will, everything is real, no normal is needed. On the other hand it contains only the floor the walls and the ceiling, and it is true that I could add many more accessories in order to make a finished environment. You gave me an idea ^^ That’s what I will do for the next packs. Thanks

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Indeed, I’ve saw that your meshes are extremely detailed. But to attract more people = more sales, more meshes will be necessary for sure.

Per example, I bought many sci-fi packs threw the years and the smallest one contain 106 meshes with almost no props, it contain few pipes, that’s it. Since I’m a UT4 level designer I need the main meshes for the main geo but also to decorate the level a bit :slight_smile: I’m sure others will want to buy your pack not only for cinematics but also to create playable levels.

Anyway, my 2 cents and I’m curious to see what you’ll release next :smiley:

Thanks a lot, I’ll add more meshes next time, that’s good to know.
And for the next pack, it’s almost finished, patience ^^

Greetings @KevinRoussille !

Now that’s how you promote your work! The assets that you’ve created for a sci-fi environment are astounding! I’ve played a lot of sci-fi games and have seen a ton of sci-fi movies, and your set is certainly unique in its presentation.

I also want to send you kudos for being willing to share your work with a fellow developer for their project. We love to see the community support each other! That’s what keeps us going strong!

Your avi looks sci-fi as well. I take that you’re a huge sci-fi fan? What are your favorite inspirations?


Hi @Get_DOVAH_it , Thank you very much! I’m glad you like my design. These are my first packs and having outside opinions is very important to me.
I am new to the Market Place and since UE5 was announced, I have been training to provide it with High-Poly assets. But I don’t have much visibility for the moment so I decided to show my work on other places than the Market Place.
@torkuma made a very nice trailer and I thought I would love to see how such a talented artist could work with one of my Sci-Fi packs. So I offered it to him wholeheartedly. I discovered Unreal Engine a little less than 2 years ago and it’s thanks to people who offer their knowledge without asking anything in return that I could acquire a knowledge on the graphic engine. Especially thanks to MR3D-Dev on youtube (@dargor5 on the forum), a generous person who never stops sharing his passion for Unreal Engine. He is the one who created the short film “THE GATE” which was released in the last new Unreal Engine!
I’m 35 years old, so my inspirations are a bit more dated than the young new talents, but I think the ALIEN TRILOGY is the best Sci-Fi experience I’ve had so far. And for video games, the ones that have marked me are without a doubt the first three Fallout games for their atmosphere, the charismatic characters of Metal Gear Solid, and the whole Dead Space game!
I hope to make my Sci-Fi packs users dream, I have a lot of projects for the Market Place and I can’t wait to know what will happen next.
Finally I would like to thank EPIC and all its teams, you have put a jewel in our hands, and it starts to open many doors and change my life. Thank you for everything. Thank you to the community and long live our common passion!


The cinematic & soundtrack together are a powerful mix. Would like to get a link to the audio sometime (as YT searches on the creator name only seem to turn up relaxation music. :stuck_out_tongue:)

Have a suggestion for a future pack if you’re open to ideas (sci-fi exteriors). Would love to see a companion pack sometime that could compliment this one. Think an external scene or floating external structure in space like a spaceship / orbital space-station, whose interior matches this. As the challenge is trying to integrate packs. There are lots of quality sci-fi assets available (shout out to @SE_JonF). But its not always easy to integrate 3rd-Party work into your own, especially as MP designers are often more talented. :wink: Anyway nice work and even nicer professionalism / ambition, so good luck on your marketplace journey… :+1:


Thank you very much @AntiGravity , I appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:.
Don’t worry, the outside is planned. I wish I could please everyone^^ So there will be outdoor content that will be usable in the space and on the floor. A pack of destroyed mesh is also planned so that there is the possibility of strongly degrading the ship (or the base), that will delight the users of the assets Megascan which will be able to integrate climbing plants, snow ect…
Thank you for your opinion, this is very important for me, do not hesitate if you have other ideas.
I didn’t explain it on this thread, my project will cover mesh and characters. I’m going to produce the necessary for a colony to visit space and find a new Eden. The ships (or base) will have a school, engine room, cockpit, living quarters, prison, workshop, launch pad, droids of all kinds, recreation room, gym (Full modular) /staff: worker, mechanic, commander, schoolboy and many more. Imagining the Fallout bunker in space is the easiest way to understand my approach. I hope you enjoy it all! :upside_down_face:

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I forgot @AntiGravity . The music I use is not free. Here is the link

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Nice work.

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