New Gaming Console being powered by AMD Hardware

Really hope that this console is more open for developers than the competition.

That said who do you think it is?

I am placing my monopoly money on or Google.

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The new consoles sell to the fanboy crowd, (who the hell would buy the xbox one on release?) . I also think this console generation is the last, as it has been underwhelming, and you can just buy a pc better than the consoles for similar price. The console model is outdated now, and on its way to death. A new console would be a massive failure, look at Ouya.
If that “console”, its more like a steambox, a small prebuilt pc, then its a different thing.

They are making an OUYA 2 from what I know. It the OUYA 1 is also sold out on their official store front and both in the EU and USA.

Which they MIGHT be announcing this week. :slight_smile:

However the current console model of making custom hardware with custom dev kits is dead, Yes. You can use mobile stuff (Tegra K1) which runs at Xbox 360 / PS3 levels of performance IIRC just with more ram and a more familiar tools.

Not to mention that Mobile devices and the Android OS are open in terms of development. I really think that the Current generation of consoles will be the last of its kind but not the LAST generation of console.

All they need to do is make a console that you can upgrade in the same way you do with your PC. This way the ‘console’ can catch up with the PC.

The O Box might be for you then :slight_smile:

If you want an upgradeable console, get a PC. An actual upgradeable console would be the worst of both worlds, closed like a console, and you have to worry about specs like a PC.
Most people get a console becouse its just far easier. Average Joe just goes to a mall and just grabs a PS4, try getting a proper gaming pc, or even better, try to build it yourself.

I’m not talking about the current consoles, the PC is not only for gaming.
Think about a new console made out of replaceable modules that you can replace easily.

Similar to this Modular Phone project from Google:

Amazon is probably a good bet. I really doubt we’ll see a new Nintendo console before 2016, that just sounds silly given how new the WiiU is.

Aparently we are getting a X86 powered Nintendo Console.