New game or Loading game with world composition.

So. I have been trying to tackle this problem recently. I sort of got it to work but it only works on a new game.

The problem is that some levels don’t load before the player spawns, causing the player to fall to his death.

So, on a new game, I spawn the player into a box hidden in the world. Then in the level blueprint of the persistent level I do a check on begin play to see if a level has loaded. Once that level has loaded, the player is teleported to the new game start location.
This works perfectly.


The player is able to save the game in any location and load back to that same location.
This is where the problem arises.
On beginplay, it makes sure land_x00_y00 is loaded before “spawning” the player. But if the player saves the game past where that is, the player will fall to her/his death.

What I would need to do is save the level bounds or a reference to the level in which the player is currently within. Say a cave or a house or just a landscape.
Could I create some kind of volume with the level name? Recall that value as a name when the player loads the game.

Any ideas how I could approach this?

Thanks a lot in advance all!

I would create a vector variable in the save game data and still have the player regardless spawn in the loading box to wait for all levels to load and once loaded I would have it check that saved vector variable is equal to 0,0,0 meaning null, then spawn as if it is a new game. If not 0,0,0 then spawn at location that was saved and then that way you are still making sure all levels are loaded.

The problem with that is, all the levels load when you are near them, in a grid system.

So that map will only ever load after the player is moved there.

Thanks for the response!

Still no closer to solving this.

I can’t move the player after the level has loaded if the level never loads cos the player isnt near it

Any ideas?

Did you solved it somewhat?

Did you solved it