New Game "Ink Sorcerer" Needs Artists, Designers, and Coders

Project Working Title:: “Ink Sorcerer”

Description: A tattooed man is cursed by the witch that was his former lover. Now he seeks vengeance for the curse that she inflicted upon him.


  • Revolutionary graphics and textural animation done with Mari
  • Fascinating and engrossing storyline
  • Exciting action-adventure game with additional bonus levels for repeatable play-factor

The gold release should be available primarily for the current gen of Sony PlayStation (being whatever generation is currently the present PlayStation when the game is finished).

All team members working on this game should reside in the US, and telecommuting should be necessary.

I’m offering a salary for each person working on the game to split into two separate installments over the design and development cycles. I’ll pay half when someone starts for their initial work at the same time that they can digitally sign an NDA. I’ll pay them the other half of their salary after they finish whatever their job is. In the case that hypothetically the game falls through, I’ll give them the other half of their pay anyway for their diligence and effort in the end.

The budget for this game is $60,000 so it is a game of reasonable indie status.

I’m planning on having this game released in 2021.

If there are any character modelers, level designers, or programmers who can help please let me know.

Familiarity with Mari, Maya, Substance Painter, Zbrush, and C++ (just to name a few) are all a plus.

Thanks! I hope I can find somebody who can help out making this wonderful action-adventure fantasy game!

Hello. I’m 3d artist here is my portfolio


Not sure if you are also looking for 2D / Concept artists but here is my portfolio:

3+ Years experience in the entertainment industry, I can send you additional work of a specific kind if you need.

Thanks for your time,

Alec Beals

Hi! I’m a composer and sound designer, you can listen to my portfolio here:

I sent you a PM.

At first when I read your note about the payment agreement, I thought you were going to say “pay the other half in 2021” :slight_smile: I’d love to chat with you more about the scope of work and I’ll send you a PM, unless there’s an email address that works better. Cheers!