New Game, Help

So I’m creating a zombie Alice in wonderland game and for the hud I want to put something like the hud in “The Last of Us 2” but I have no clue on how to create a circular hud like that, if you know how can you please share it with me?

First off, I’d suggest looking up HUD tutorials on youtube and just get some ideas on how you might be able to create it, you can even try making it! Besides that, what part of the circular hud do you want specifically? Do you want the weapon select type hud, the bullet count (one in the bottom right when playing the game)? Please be more specific.

Eventually I want it to show the weapon you’re using and the bullet count but not an exact copy if you know what I mean. Right now I just want to try and get the circular health bar and do the rest later

I can do just a basic health bar but I dont know how to make the circular one