New Game Development Project Looking for Team


Project Name: TBD

Game Details: R18+ Adult Single player Adventure Action

Looking For: Programmer, Designer, Artist, Sound/Composer, Writer

My Role: Project Manager/Designer

About Me: I have been doing 3D modeling and animations for 4 years (primarily NSFW content). I am a self-taught coder with experience mainly in hacking and modding and some app development. I would say I am a versatile person, I like to be a bit of a ‘master of all trades’ kind of individual.

Length of Project: Unknown

Compensation: Volunteer only as of now, until a demo and funding have been put into place

Progress: Currently I have some characters rendered and working on more as we speak

Description: The game will be an R18+ single player adventure action game with male protagonist. The main environment theme is cyberpunk/sci fi based world and characters. The game will have sex scenes and multiple female characters the player can pursue. As far the sexual fetishes, that will come down to what the team agree they comfortable with doing. A small list of fetishes considered are: incest, milf, group sex, romance, female domination, male domination, harem, sleep sex. This is a project in which I plan to establish and register as a proper Corporation Company, so this is a long term partnership with intentions to consistently make new titles. I am looking for ambitious and dedicated individuals, eager to get started in game development.


  • Skill Level: Mid-level to Advanced

  • Dedicated and hard working

  • Ability to work well with a team

  • Ability to communicate effectively with team

  • Passion and desire to provide your best work

  • Ability to complete tasks in a timely manner

  • Ambition to get experience in game development

  • Dependable and supportive of team members

  • Bring positive energy and good chemistry to the team

  • Ability to take constructive critiques

If you are interested in being a part of the team please contact me with some examples of your work (If Available), a brief description about your experience and personality and how dedicated you can be to the project. Discord or Email are the two best ways to get in touch with me as I consistently check them.


Discord- Centricate #1307