New Fps

Its Still really Early In Progress
But this is the demo map only 10% done


the map is nuked paris
this happens cause of the chrimea incident triggered the world war 3 and this is where the game should set in motion

Leave A comment of feedback and also what you would like to see in the game

Update Map 2 Added Some new Building and Props



Looking nice! Are you using the starter fps example pack?

No im using blank project

Update Map 3#
2 New decals for the barricade and the stains



And also new texture for the fence and new props for the destroyed Building


Update Map 4#

Added some vegetations and some props





Update 5 will be the last with possible HDRI lightning change and also probably more vegetations

Update 5#

Fully Integrated menu with some options available



Update 6

Fully working character with some working animations


The Gun Model (Scar H)



Looking fantastic.
Keep it up bro!

Thanks for the support

The map is looking pretty good so far! Did you make the gun models yourself or buy them?

I make them by myself but there is 2 props that i got from someone

Cant show you guys any of the new updates but its now got a running animation,shooting and also walking
a video update maybe around the corner

Pretty good models, but I think the texture scale is too big in some model.

Yeah the scale is 2048 x 2048 which is in some models is unnecessary but I will try to fix it later on

Very nice work!

Sorry for the long update but now it has a prototype Ai with some guarding functions
heres a pic

Screenshot (118).jpg

Update 8#

Another content for the Ai including its very own character and random moving position so instead of guarding the Ai now walking and searching for the player in the entire map and a firing function that will kill the player




A known issue in the new Ai is that when it meets other Ai it sometimes stops and stuck for a couple of seconds

looking really good! good job!

Update 9#

The Arm Rig now Got a WIP Reload Animation

Heres A short video

Sorry For the background Sounds I didnt thought Fraps Would record what im listening to LOL XD