New forum's design?

Do you like it?
New design is so oldschool, in a bad sense

I don’t like it at all

Use this :slight_smile:

It’s vBulletin 5.

Yes, that vBulletin 5. The shit one. The way-too-expensive-for-its-quality one.

I would have honestly preferred a move to a different package entirely over this. There’s a reason vBS are hemorrhaging users to XenForo these days.

Yea, this theme makes me barely use the forum these days. It’s just so…ugly.

The custom dark theme helps a lot here

for me is nice!

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I actually actively avoid reading the forum these days, the new layout is absolutely disgusting to look at, splits topics into way too many pages, and writing more complex posts is a chore.

I’ll have to give this ‘dark layout’ a go, but Epic seriously need to revert to the old style.

While I like it (visually) better than the old, it doesn’t seem quite as good.

IP Forum Software seems to be wildly popular these days and I’ve worked with it myself some time ago, it was pretty fun to work with. In my opinion it has the hands-down best WYSIWYG text editor and making code tags with proper syntax highlighting is super easy.

I’d recommend it, wouldn’t hurt if these forums looked a bit more… professional… :confused:

I agree with others that say the new forum makes me avoid the forum more. I usually browse the forums thoroughly in my free breaks in between work, but it’s way too cumbersome. The pages load slowly, the overall design is difficult to look at, it’s more work to switch between pages of a thread than the old forum and sometimes the pages don’t even load properly. I hope they either improve upon this significantly, or go back to the old one. There was nothing wrong with it, and if anything this new forum makes the experience much worse.

hate the new forums! bad move on epic’s part, you’d expect better from one of the leading games companies in the world… but what the hell… and what the f is up with the page selection thing? you actually have to type in page 153 on the work in progress thread rather than just click a last page button… terrible layout… wonder why they did it? I actually liked the old forums a lot…

No. It’s hateful. I know there’s a custom dark theme available under the feedback sub-forum but one really shouldn’t have to do that to stop the board from burning your retinas. I mean you spend hours using the unreal editor which is dark and then you pop to the forum for some reason and your eyes just explode.

I also noticed in that feedback thread, I think it was Chance Ivey, saying that he is or they’re working on a dark theme. I don’t understand why you’d make the new forum live before you’ve finished it. That just seems like bad form to me. I’m sure there’s a valid reason for it but it’s annoying. They should have installed it to a different folder, private, using a copy of the forum DB and fixed up all these issues first and then made it live. Why they wouldn’t do that is beyond me.

You really should get that custom theme then. It doesn’t really matter if it’s official or not, it’s just so much better than the default look.

I know you’ve put a lot of effort in to it and that’s great. But it does matter if it’s official or not. People shouldn’t have to go off and essentially hack out a solution to a problem that should never have existed to begin with. It also doesn’t negate the fact that epic put out a version of the forum, that as far as I can tell is unfinished feature wise, with a terrible theme that doesn’t have a dark alternative. This is like a lot of the things in the engine actually. Whereby people say “Well, just code your own solution in C++, man!” whilst completely ignoring the fact that Epic shouldn’t have left “feature x” half finished in the first place. Like I said in my previous post. They should have it running privately, fix up all the issues and add all the features, then make it live when it’s done. You just know given the way Epic operates that this forum is going to remain bolted together and clunky forever. Despite what they might say in the feedback threads.

Just to clarify, because I’m sure it reads like I’m ranting, I’m really not. This is literally just my 2 cents as I’m taking a break from actual work. At the end of the day ist’s just a forum. So long as one can make and read posts it really doesn’t matter that much.

I don’t disagree, but at least a community fix *is *there.

Well… in the real world, there is no perfection - you just mend things as they are seen fit. In this case, you can always complaint but meanwhile, just use whatever inofficial solutions out there. If you still want to complaint (and not doing anything else)… then that is your choice…

I think the tone of my post came across too strong. It’s not really a complaint. It’s a thread about the new forum design so I gave my opinion. I don’t actually care all that much. I just think it’s bad form to go live with something that is incomplete. I’m not loosing sleep over it or anything I was just joining the discussion.

I would like to add that the custom solution is very good and a lot of time and effort has gone in to it and I think that’s great. I wasn’t trying to be dismissive of it or anything.

I am doing other things. This is a thread about opinions on the new forum software. Hence my post(s). Not sure what you’re driving at with that remark so I’ll be civil and give you the benefit of the doubt.