New forum update feedback

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I see the number now… thanks!

It kinda seems that way, doesn’t it?

Hi all.

Just an update that the various issues mentioned across the past few pages which might be bugs have been logged for investigation by our web team. Some other feedback is requests and preferences that we are taking note of, but may be beyond the ability to be changed in vBulletin.

A dark theme for the forums is still in progress, and coming along nicely from what I understand.

To the suggestions that there have been no communications or fixes since the forum update occurred, I recommend you review this thread and the various communications that have been posted. I know there is still room for improvement, but the critical issues that started with the update have been resolved. The rest I hope won’t be around for much longer.


[USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER] - Hi Stephen,

That’s still quite vague. I don’t think you’re being as fair as you could be here:

1. Which bugs were fixed exactly? Which feature requests are logged?

2. Is Search by Minimum-Number-of-Replies ever making a come back?

Developers may largely abandon the forums because of these changes…
If that happens it will hurt the community… But maybe that’s the goal here…

Communications have tapered off since Alex P left… Epic don’t see it that way? :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on… Why won’t you search for yourself? There are few posts describing fixes in the thread. It’s not like somebody isn’t saying truth here…
I decided to write this post because lot of people got a little hostile here against staff. It doesn’t help anybody.

I didn’t. You didn’t. And also a lot other people who complains on forum - still participating in discussions.
I don’t think your statement is valid. Unless… you’re able to show me stats showing less people spending less time on forums since upgrade - I’ll be first to say “sorry, franktech” and “Epic, hurry up” :wink:

Of course, it would be nice to have all the issues fixed. It takes ages. And still no official dark theme - meanwhile… I’m happy user f.lux. It’s awesome weapon against all the white websites!


Sorry if it seems to anyone else as well, that I’m being critical.
I just saw the UDK forums go downhill, especially the archiving.
The forums were never the same again in my humble opinion.

I was just asking for a bug fix list as we get with the engine etc.
But I’ll happily settle for knowing just about Number of Replies.
Don’t think that’s an unreasonable request. Its a useful feature!

I’m assuming the udk forum was killed on purpose, why would anyone even use udk anymore?

Shoot from the hip comment? :stuck_out_tongue: Either way you’re still assuming lots of wrong things dude.
After the old UDK forums got archived, it was harder to find stuff, and overall harder to use.
Now, the new forums are slow, clunky, missing features just like the archived UDK forums!
Is this all down to Outsourcing etc as someone mentioned already? Maybe, it makes sense.

Bad assumptions! Is it the tool used or the developer behind it that creates all the magic? :slight_smile:
The UDK forums still exist on here with devs working away for good reason, UDK works!
Coldscooter’s success rivals UE4 launches, and Genom and AFF-Universe are on a par.
CobaltUDK’s project has been praised by Tim Sweeney. Chosker & Nathaniel notable too.
So don’t write off UDK just yet. Its still an excellent engine, plus bugs / limits are all known…

So, why would they do that to a forum they want to keep alive? It all makes sense.

Why did Epic retire the older UDK forums, yet create UDK forums on here anyway?
You’d have to ask Epic, but it was a less secure site that was hacked multiple times…
Presumably it also meant less admin work overall, less to manage, less domains etc…

during this time with the Private Message issue I received 2 private messages, which I could only view because I opened directly from the notification. they are however still not in my Inbox, so even today I still can’t find them anymore
I know the messages are there though. I left one of those ‘lost’ PMs open in my phone browser and I can even use the same URL to open it again. it’s just not listed in my inbox

Hm, I tried to start a new topic in the wip section yesterday and while I can look at it just fine using the link in my subscriptions/history it doesnt show up looking at the topics list.
I didnt get a notification telling me its awaiting moderation or anything so Im not quite sure if this is intended behavior or a bug :confused:

Did they change the forum font or am I hallucinating?

my lost PMs are appearing in my inbox again :slight_smile:

Either the profile page is bugged or I’ve lost all my posts and badges.

Notifications broken: Am cross-posting this to help get it added to the list of bugfixes:
Mentions / [User] Tags are working. But quoted posts still don’t generate notifications:…57#post1379257

The ignore function is not working for me. It just won’t save changes, no error message or anything.

For me, the biggest (and should be the easiest to fix ) flaw is the almost unseen text when typing in post like this one

Normally I’m writing project updates by editing first post of the thread. This is what I get now:

Maybe there is some incompatibility with the new forum engine - MMT thread is few years old.

I recently see this error a lot, for example while i’m trying to change pages, or uploading photos in my posts (This is not working totally), or sometimes when i try to post something…