New Forum Font and Look - Stressful to Look At?

Is it just me, but I have an anxious sensory reaction with the look of the forums now. Maybe I’m just used to seeing the white with dark thin text, but the plump font and different colors actually feels intense to look at. Almost like I have a sensory reaction to high G force or loud noise. It feels busy, overwhelming, if that makes sense.

PS - I am not complaining, I realize I sound like a baby. Just curious if others have such a visceral reaction to it, maybe my mind is sensitive to it somehow. Not so much the colors, but the font thickness almost is a struggle to keep looking at. Maybe is it customizable?

EDIT - it is customizable! I was able to make it a lighter background. I cannot change the font, but I can change the letter/text-size to a smaller and thus thinner look. It helps! If I could change the font it would “feel” better to look at, but this makes it better.