New Features: Reviews and Questions


In our ongoing effort to improve the Unreal Engine Marketplace experience for customers and publishers alike, we’ve updated the way that users can interact with one another regarding products. Starting today, the existing ratings and comments system for products has been replaced with new functionality to support reviews and questions. Now, ratings will be accompanied by written reviews, and comment threads will be replaced by a questions section. Additionally, publishers can now choose to be notified via email of any new activity on their products to facilitate a better path for support.

Where to Find Reviews & Questions

At the top of a product’s details page, users can see the product’s average rating, how many times it’s been rated, how many reviews have been written, and how many questions have been answered.
The Reviews and Questions sections are also accessible via tabs next to the Description section. Additionally, users will be able to see any historic comments made in the previous system by clicking “View Legacy Comments” at the bottom of the Reviews or Questions tabs.

Reporting Abuse

Any user can report any post on a Marketplace product page by clicking the button beneath the post. Once submitted, the Marketplace support team will be notified of the report and will investigate the flagged post as soon as possible. Typically, reported posts will be removed if they contain, or direct users to, any of the following:

  • Unwanted commercial content or spam
  • Pornography or sexually explicit material
  • Hate speech or graphic violence
  • Harassment or bullying
  • Technical inaccuracy

If you encounter any unexpected behavior or have suggestions on how we can improve functionality, please create a Marketplace Bug Report or General Feedback case** here.**

Special thanks to the incredible creator community for your continued contributions to the Unreal Engine Marketplace. We hope you enjoy the new features!