New Feature - Painting Foliage Onto Foliage!


So over the past few days I made a simple addition to the engine that my team needed for our game. Namely, we needed to paint foliage on top of other foliage, for scene like e.g. a large tree covered in vines or small mushrooms. We wanted to be able to paint those micro-plants so that we have more variety.

It worked like a charm:

It just adds another checkbox to the filters in the foliage paint tool. My question now is - would anyone be interested for me to make a pull request for this? If yes, then I’ll need a bit of assistance since I haven’t done any Git pull requests in the past.

Let me know what you think!

Foliage within foliage… FOLIAGECEPTION

Yo dawg… I heard you like foliage…

Well, I’m gonna be making a pull request for folliageception in a day or two when I find the time. :stuck_out_tongue: Hope someone finds it useful!


I’m not quite sure why you didn’t just use the default foliage painter to paint those other meshes on your trees. Was there any specific reason you didn’t use it?

This looks super cool :smiley:

Many many days later I finally scrambled together the time, updated this for 4.12 and made a pull request:

When you try to paint foliage onto trees the brush goes through the trees and onto the floor / landscape on the other side. My trees are foliage as well, they aren’t manually placed static meshes.