New "Feasable" fps / tps LOW-POLY characters

Is there anyone interested in creating player characters that don’t exceed 2000 - 3000 polys?
I know there are already many, beautifully made, for sale… but they are all made to run on rigs with latest specs and fastest graphics cards, or home gaming consoles. There are also a lot of them that people would love to use as NPCs, but can’t, because UE4 can only do so much in the tris - cancellation department, and most of them don’t come with custom LODs.

I alone know many people, with computers older than 2 years, because these days it’s hard to find graphics card upgrades for reasonable prices to begin with, and although our engine pushes boundaries to no end, there is a reason why anyone would actually shop for game creation inventory on the market place. It’s like buying a stake that’s more expensive than restaurant prices… and then after coming home, you still have to spend time and energy (power) to prepare it and scorch it lol

I know this sounds a little like whining, but I’ve been looking all over the market place, and just can’t find anything good to satisfy me. And before anyone answers in a corny way, yes I know, I can ask to make custom characters… but then I mine as well go all the way, and not do anything and pay some people to make the whole game for me (which incidentally would still be less expensive than buying all the separate components on market place and putting them together)… and that’s not why I’m writing all this here in the first place.

Thank you.