New Epic water blueprints - can they be scaled?

The new Epic made water materials and blueprints have gone live, but no doubt due to my total inexperience with UE4 I can’t seem to figure out how to scale them. When I drag the transparent blueprint into my level I get a water plane, but it’s far too small for my scene. The scaling values in the transform panel are set to 50 in X and Y, but they won’t go any higher. It’s also not possible to scale them using the regular scaling gizmo.

Any ideas?

Thanks all.

In “default” section under “transform” there is Water Scale X and Water Scale Y values which will scale it. Here is the screenshot



Awesome, thanks for that!

When I try to scale up the ocean so that it takes up a decent amount of coastline, the displacement starts flattening out, the tesselation doesn’t seem to effect it… Is there some trick to scaling it up?