New Epic Launcher on macOS stops when starting up.

I bought a new MacBook Pro 2019 CTO (i9-2.3 / 32GB RAM / RP5500M(8GB) / 2TB SSD) yesterday and then downloaded Epic Launcher to install UE4.
But after I logged in, it went slow down and then came to a dead stop…-_-???

I didn’t do anything with my new MacBook before that except for installing Xcode.
So I checked with the other MacBook Pro 2019 with the same spec but has 64GM RAM, then it was PERFECTLY SAME…!


Sorry for the simpelton answer but at least worth a shot:
Similar behaviour happened to a friend of mine and it worked out after a hard reset on the computer.

We don’t generally handle launcher issues on these UE4 forums. Please reach out to the launcher support team via the ‘Contact Us’ button on the linked page.


I have the same issue on the same laptop.

On top of that. Theres a friends request window that is stuck and does not go, so when i build anything on unreal engine, i cannot see it building.

I bought this mac specifically to develop iOS games, and it turns out that the ‘game’ section of Epic has ruined UE4 capabilities.