New Ease function node not pure

New Compilation warning when using the Ease node, Have not experience until this release.

“Warning Node K2Node_EaseFunction_0 . The node won’t be pruned as isolated one. The node is not pure, but it has no exec pin(s). Verify IsNodePure implementation in K2Node Ease Function.”

Hello Rorrimani,

Thank you for your report, however this has already been reported and is marked as fixed for 4.15. You can find the bug report here and track its progress. Have a nice day!

This is causing me a major issue on my project, is there temp workaround?

Hello JRV1,

I do not currently know of a workaround for this, but this shouldn’t be an issue that would directly stop you from doing anything, as it’s only a warning. Are you also getting error messages related to this?