New DirectX 12 Trailer

For those didn’t saw the new trailer, here is the link… They show also a little comparision between DirextX 11 and 12 in a DeusEx scene.

Everything graphics related in that video its 100% ********. DX12 and vulkan help to make graphics more performant on the cpu side, allowing for less cpu usage. The shaders in DX12 and vulkan are pretty much the exact same as they were before, they look exactly the same.

more saturation and bloom? xD

I was also wondering about the “better” effects… It seems like they turned of the volumetric light effetcs in the DX11 Scenen… to make it look more worse on DX11.

I think the point is that better performance means you can achieve better effects on the same hardware, therefore your games will look better.

I did like the bit where it said “less latency, smoother framerate, better performance”. Isn’t that all the same thing fundamentally? :stuck_out_tongue:

It is, more power means you can **** up your scene but the trailer is a bit to extrem for my tase, it’s looking amzing but the comparision refelcts for me not really the true…
For a simple game player “comsumer” with no clue about game development it fakes the reality… like this is only with DX12 possible… look what you get with Win10…

I really don’t know why graphics, graphxxxx, drives the gamedev world… Oh well.
It’s cool and all to look at, but then I remember the bad things it brings to the table, for the ‘dev cycles’ side of things…

Looks pretty basic… Wheres cryengine??? :c i dont like it.