New dinos spawning with incomplete health bars

I created a mod which adds a rideable dodo, which I have added spawns for. However, the dodos always spawn bloody, which makes them easier to kill (which is bad considering they drop rare resources) and makes them run away half the time when it is intended that they fight back. Level 1s are fine, but every single time health levels up for them in the wild, it does not fill the whole way. I tried remaking the spawns but that did not work. Spawns set up in the dev kit do not have this issue. This also does not happen if spawned with commands. Remaking the dodo from a base blueprint rather than a dodo one also didn’t work. Does anyone know what is going on?

I fixed it by remaking the dodo’s stats on a base that had more hp than the dodo would have. Would still like to know if any normal solution exists.