New Dino Variants with minor changes keeping original class updates

Hello! I think this is probably a kind of newbish question, but after searching for awhile, I thought I would ask. I’ve created a mod with dino varients of each of the dinos (created by copying each of the Dino BPs into my mod). I then modified my BP in the way I want (in this case, I’m simply turning off the taming affinity gain per level, so higher level dinos tame at the exact same speed as the base level 1 dino), and all is well. I remap the NPCs, and from that point on the dinos that spawn now spawn as my new Dino.

My question is: Is there some way to actually set this up so that if a change is made to the official variant it is also made to my modded varients, assuming it isn’t a field I have modified. I saw the note about you can now sub-class a BP and add things to the component section, but A)the way it was described earlier to setup variants was a copy, which I don’t think is a sub-class, and B)the values I’m changing aren’t in the component section.

I’m pretty new to UE4 stuff and I feel like I’m missing something easy, where I could have a variant that is “Do all the official BP values, except for these 3 which I want to change.” and as the officals are changed, I wouldn’t have to redo all of my work to update my versions as well.

Unrelated side question: I run a server with a small player population, and so while I’ve setup the Remap NPC, it seems like that only applies to Dino’s as they respawn (so all existing dinos are still the official version) and that the island doesn’t actually do anything unless there is a player nearbye. Is that accurate? I only ask because I went flying the other day, and despite having the mod loaded on my server for weeks now, dinos on the other side of the island were all still official when I had kind of assumed nature would have caused them to kill each other and respawn by then.

Thanks for help!

Wouldn’t you just reparent the copied dino bps to the original variant of each dinosaur? That would cause it to share the same stuff as the parent when you do that and previous changes you made may be lost when you do it. At least to my knowledge that is how it works.