New Dino Variant with Scale 0.5 => Baby Scale in Adult State still 1.0

Hi Guys,

I’ve scaled a Dino with “Transform->Mesh->Scale” and “Transform->CapsuleComponent->Scale” to 0.5, which is working fine.
I was even able to scale the Size of the Rider, with help of this Forum, via EventGraph to the new Size like this:
But when it comes to the Baby Scale I wasn’t able to find a Solution so far.
I can set the initial Baby Scale via “BabyScale” Option in the Character_BP, and it looks like even the Juventile and Adolscent Scales are based on this. But the moment the Baby reaches its adult state (setBabyAge 1) it gets scaled to 1.0 instead of 0.5, which should be my new 100%. So is there maybe any Event I could trigger the moment the Dino isn’t a Baby any more or on every Scale change to change the Scale back to 0.5? I wasn’t able to find any suitable Event myself so far.

I possibly found a solution (First test was working). But I’m not sure how this would affect server performance.
Also I still don’t get this Delta Seconds thing. What does it do?

(WasBaby is a custom Variable I created)