New Dino IK issue

I’ve been working on creating a custom creature entirely from scratch, skeleton, animations etc. When I try to use the IK system used in the base dino blueprint I get problems. My creature rotates approximately 90 degrees forward on the x-axis. Without IK enabled it works perfectly fine, and I’ve tried multiple combinations of bones running down the leg chain to apply the IK to (you can select the start bone and root for an ik chain). This problem has been replicated regardless of wether I created a BP with parent being the base BP or an existing dino BP; both child and copy, or whether I parent one of the animation blueprints or start one from scratch. Rotating manually also gives imperfect results, especially since swimming disables IK. I also had suspected since the skeleton created a second root bone on import (from blender) I might need to remove one, however doing so made no difference, same with rotating the root bone before import. If anyone has any solutions or suggestions I’m all ears.