New Dino Health etc

Hello I have created a new dino by copying another dino files, but I cant find the health, stam etc for the dino, can someone tell me the file I need to do it or where its located please, many thanks all.

you want to search for Dino Status Component, each dino has one attached. Since you created a copy you will need to make a copy of a status component move it to your mod folder and while in the dino BP select the components tab and then the drop down for add component. in some cases you need to also give that component a higher priority, but you should not have to do that for your purposes.

thanks very much, if you don’t mind, how do I increase tamed flying speed, I changed max speed I found and its fast, as soon as I tame it, its slow.


so tammedrunningspeedmodifier does flying too?