New day old problem with market

Hello everyone,

I’m experiencing an issue with making payments on the marketplace. For the past three days, all of my cards have been giving me the same error message:

“Looks like something went wrong. For your protection, this transaction has been declined. Please try another card or other payment methods.”

I’ve already added three different cards, and they all result in the same error. I contacted my banks in different countries, and they informed me that the issue lies with Epic Games. I’ve also reached out to Epic Games support, but their initial response was unhelpful. They mentioned that the transactions are being blocked by their payment processor as potential fraud, but they couldn’t provide any specific information or override the block. They suggested waiting a few days and trying again or exploring alternative payment options.

Unfortunately, I can’t use PayPal because I am located in Uzbekistan. I’m seeking a solution or any ideas that could help me resolve this issue. I’m unable to proceed with my game without accessing the shop. It has been two days since I received any new communication from the support team.

Today i tried PayPal of my friend and it does’t work too!

Could you please assist me with this matter?

Hey there ! I have a solution for you that worked for me ! Go by Paypal it works so far for me :slight_smile:

did you git it fixed?

Same problem here! I have tried 5 different cards and paypal as well, nothing seems to work. I have contacted with Epic Games Support and it has been a week and there’s no response. It seems like they don’t care much. I even asked a friend to purchase it for me and he’s having the same issue. At this point, the only option is to abandon the pack and purchase it through an external vendor. Truly disappointing.