New creature "pinging around" when moving, server cannot predict?


I’ve currently added a new test dino, from scratch. As it stands, it works perfectly, except for when its moving around in a Server, it keeps warping forward.
Like the Server cant accurately predict its movement or something.

What value do I need to adjust in the Character_BP to fix this? Thanks!

sounds like you may have an issue with replication.
Make sure, in your setup, you have replicate checked.
The server is drawing the calls to the client, and, if its not doing it right you may see this …

tho … thinking of it … if you can see it, then replication = on
it maybe an issue with the animations not replicating properly. were they animations YOU made or just some stuff recycled from Arks ?

I simply finished the Therizinosaurus and put it into the game. So its using those animations.

most likely u messed with the IK settings look at the BP u copied and compare it to the original BP

The problem was in the Anim_BP, thanks for all the help!