New Creator, New Map and many Questions


My Name is , and i hope my english skills be good enough that u understand me.

I Play ARK over 1300h and start many times a own Map, but never finish one of them because of some reasons like the time it Need, new ideas, new PC and so on.

As my next “Project” i want create a Map that focused flying ilands.

The bigest Problem for me is to create Rivers, i dont find a good tutorial that Show me how i can create Rivers and Watterfalls that not on the same Level like the ocean.

So is my first Question have some one of u a good Tutorial ?

Next is, exist a german Group that “work”/help together maybe with teamspeak or discord ?

Are the members of These site interested to see the map that i create in something like a diary ?

Know some one the landscape size of Valguero ?

I Also want create some complete new Dinos and Creatures and Need for These help maybe a Tutorial.

I hope u understand me