New convex collision

Maybe it just me, but I can’t get good or even acceptable result with new auto collision generation and I now I have to create custom collision for every mesh :confused:

It’s completely assymetrical and does not represent mesh at all. Best settings applied(Looks like it’s totally ignoring accuracy value)

For comparison - auto generated collision with lowest quality in 4.7

I’m reported that time ago without result:

Hi zeOrb,

Thank you for point this out. I created a simple mesh similar to yours and was able to quickly reproduce this. I’ve submitted the ticket for this with UE-17282.


Any chances it will make it in 4.8.2?
It’s still completely unusable :frowning:

Have you tried to just set the accuracy a bit higher? For me the new collision generation is much better than the old one.

Yup, the new collision generator works better with some meshes and worse with some others.
Also the new auto collision can be reaaaally slow to compute with large meshes.

In my opinion the old collision generator should not have been removed… we should have the option to choose between multiple libraries (such as HACD, V-HACD, V-HACD 2.0 etc.)

By the way V-HACD seems to have a lot of parameters you can tweak to get better results… in UE4 we have pretty much no control over those parameters what so ever, the current 2 parameters are too basic and simplified IMO.

Try with the model of my image, is the frame model from advanced vehicle example, try to do the older collision.


I have the same problem !

Me too :frowning:

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