New Content for the market place and us too.

Most of the content That I wanted was out of date. So I do have a small list

  1. Weapons (Pistols. Rifles, ammo clips. and so on)
  2. Food, Fruit, Apples and things that can be eaten.
  3. Updated Inventory systems with hotbars and health bars.and Crafting
  4. 3d model assets for structures. Houses and small usable items.
  5. 3d models for construction. Constructors for auto crafting, Smelters for smelting ore into ingots, Miners for mining ore.
  6. Generating Power, Using coal and fuel. Power poles and cables for running power.
  7. and last

I know a lot of you do this stuff to make money. So do we all. I’m 60 years old and don’t plan on asking anything for my new game. It’s a game That will like playing and I hope other gammers will too.I would like to see 1/2 that list for free. more Videos showing how to craft items. Using conveyor belts. Spawning things like machines and platforms. Creating new video tutorials with more details for new game developers. Don’t just tell us what to do. You have to show us what your doing step by step. That makes better tutorials. The tutorials I do find. The author has no mic or doesn’t give enough details. If you don’t have a mic, go out and buy one. LOL. Thanks for reading.


I did forget one more thing, Videos on setting up cars and so on, Adding Ships and Trains too.