New(?) C++ Tutorial for UE4 by 3D Buzz

Not sure how long this has been around, but this looks like a fantastic way to get into C++ and more complex engine-level programming for Unreal. They even go through how to make a plug-in :slight_smile: Dirt-cheap too!

Is 101 and 102 not specific to unreal ?, It looks like the plug-in part is the only thing going into UE4.

Yeh that’s how it looks, but for people getting started this might be a good place.

Only thing I didn’t realise, is that 101 and 102 are pre-recorded live classes. They’re both VERY long and also have a lot of moments of silence/question answering in them. Would have been nice if 3D Buzz told you that before you bought them -.- Still useful though I imagine, just have to skip through them.

The UE4 Plug-in one is a tutorial though, not a live class.

This looks great for people starting c++ and UE4. I might buy it just for the plug-in part. Yea their descriptions are off, they only list that people need visual studio and not the Engine at all.