New c++/blueprints gameplay and systems programmer looking for experience.

I’m a fairly new programmer who has been working with UE4 for about a year, and I’m looking to gain experience through collaboration on any game projects. I can learn to build gameplay systems/mechanics and events fairly quickly with the UE4 API, and I generally prefer to build things through c++ rather than BPs. I can also expose c++ code to blueprints to make it easier on artists to work with said systems, and also do some blueprints myself. Level design I can do as well, but probably a lot less efficiently than c++/bp.

I live on the east coast of the US and can work most days early mornings (around 4AM to 7AM) and usually anytime after 4PM. I can also generally get two days a week that I can work at anytime for however long is needed.

discord: Axiom#2390

Hey! Are you still available for a project? I got some basic systems down on my game, i got a small demo video of it, a Game design document and my artstation if you want to check it out!

Hi, and sorry for the late reply. I had already received some other offers after this post, and have accepted an offer from another team. Thanks for the offer though, and good luck to your project.