New Bus Simulator?

Hi All,

I’m just going to keep this brief, I’m new here and love the look of the engine, I’m looking at creating a bus simulator and just wondered if this engine would be the best for it and if i would need to use any other programs alongside UE4, I would also like to hear any tips you have (Preferably none about the size of the project and that it’s going to be difficult i’ve been told this before but i’m willing to challenge myself :D)

Thanks in advance

(The simulator will be UK Based hopefully)

Well, you’re going to need a few content creation packages - 3D, texture painting, audio manipulation etc. If you’re looking to save money, there are plenty of free or cheap packages out here - Blender is usually suggested in terms of 3D authoring, and there’s a wealth of knowledge and tutorials out there for all skill levels.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ve already got blender i just need to get used to it :P, Is unreal engine the ideal platform for my world creation then yes?