NEW BOOK - [Blueprints] - Master the Art of Unreal Engine 4 #2 - UMG + More!

Oh, really? I didn’t realise! I’ll see what I can do; It might take some time but I’ll have to find a volunteer to translate though!

**Hey Everyone!

Ever wanted to make a 3D Point and Click Adventure Title (Such as the Telltale Game’s Back To the Future / Monkey Island .etc Games)?!

Well, guess what **FREE E-BOOK **I’m working on next!

Yup, that’s right. We’ll be making a 3D Point & Click Adventure Game! We’re already 20 or so pages in, so expect it within the next few weeks!


Remember, I do this all for you beautiful people! I hope I inspire others to also write free books in the future!

  • Ryan

Ryan, you my friend are a very good person, thanks to you i can now do a lot of things with Unreal. I will back up your every work from now on. Keep up the good work!

You deserve a big Thank You! :cool:


Thank you. I was hoping someone was going to tackle adventure game development for Unreal Engine 4. Much thanks!

By the way, I loved the Monkey Island series!

When do you think this will be released?


Any word on the the release of you new book?


Hey everyone!

I had no idea you beautiful people had posted, IT DIDN’T MAIL ME!

But yeah, I’ve been hard at work on the book. We’re almost 150 pages in and a mile left to go!

Expect it within the next 2 - 4 weeks :slight_smile:

For those who can’t wait, check out to see what I’ve also been working on :>

Have all of my warm fuzzy feelings =p
Absolutely going to have a look through these after I finish ‘work’ today.

Hopefully someday in the not too distant future I’ll be knowledgeable enough to help out in some way.

Unreal community is unreal.

Thanks Xerithas! :slight_smile: