New Body Meshes + Clothing

I appreciate the new higher detail body meshes included in the latest Metahuman updates but I have a pretty big problem with using them in my workflow. With the previous body meshes, a basic shoulder/head was attached so you could easily copy skin weights (and fix them up after) to any clothing in Maya. Now that shoulders/heads have been removed, you have to skin at least the clavicle/neck manually.

I’d love it if you reincluded the head or made it an option.

Thank you!

On my latest downloads the preview Meshes were included about 5 days ago. You could always use a preview mesh from a previous project if you still have one available as all the meshes were included. I think it’s important to keep those Preview meshes as part of the download as I use them all the time for the exact same reason.

I have copies of the old body meshes so what I ended up doing is importing the new body mesh and a head mesh, transferring the old body weights to the new head mesh and then transferring the new body weights to the seam between the head/body. I had to transfer the seam weights because the old body meshes are much lower in polycount than the LOD0 head.

Kind of a pain in the butt but it works fine.

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