New blog post: UX - Striving To Offer You A Compelling Experience

Hi guys! We’ve got a new blog post going up today, this time by our cognitive psychologist Celia Hodent.

At Epic we understand that developing a new tool isn’t just about the potential of what it can offer. It’s also about how easy, engaging, and compelling the experience is going to be for you. We also recognize the challenges in stepping back from our developer perspective, to put ourselves in your shoes and understand how you’ll want to use UE4. This is why we need the User Experience (UX) field to help us out: we want to know you better, to understand your expectations, to see how you’re using the engine, and make sure the tools are always easy to use.

During the development of UE4, we asked people like you – artists, designers, programmers, professionals, and students – to test the engine and tell us what we needed to improve to make the experience better. If you want to be part of this UX adventure and test our products in development, you are very welcome to sign up here:

With our first release, we’ve tried to address all of the user-experience problems we could identify, and now we want your help to push the boundaries even further. Tell us what you like, and what you like less. All your feedback is welcome and will help us continue to improve UE4. Our goal is to keep your perspective in mind as we strive to offer you the most compelling experience possible.