New bitesize Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints YouTube tutorial series (YouTube)

Hi Folks,

I have decided to put together a bite size tutorial playlist on YouTube. These videos will be quick and precise covering 1 topic each episode, allowing the new user to see what they want to achieve in each dedicated topic - instead of trawling through a 1hr+ video to find that it didn’t achieve what the new user needed to find out for their project…

The reason for this is because when I was first starting out in UE4 & Blueprints, I researched several sites and viewed several Video Tuts on the internet. While watching very useful videos - Some extremely long and often boring - I came to see that sometimes the information was not clear or precise enough, which meant valuable time wasted, along with a lack of motivation to carry on trying to learn UE4.

The videos will short and precise. Saving the new user boredom, plus a 1hr waste finding out that the video watched didn’t cover what they needed. I know when I first started out, I did waste several hours viewing topic that didn’t cover exactly what I needed. This series may not give the end user exactly what is needed either, but in fact hopefully encourage them to edit what I provide to adapt to their own project…

You can find the videos here:

With 4 videos already on display and a lot more being edited for UL soon.

Now I have only been using blueprints in UE4 for a little over 2 months myself, but have found - as a relatively new user - that I can provide basic, clear and precise information for a new user to get started with UE4 & Blueprints! I know there are over a large amount of ways to achieve things in UE4, but I have found that the way I carry it out is precise and gets the job done.

I hope someone somewhere finds each one useful :slight_smile:

More bitesize vids have been added to the playlist:

I will be expanding the series even further throughout the week.